Thursday, 18 of January of 2018



HomeWork Seattle, LLC was  conceived many years ago but has taken its time to develop and mature. With the experience and the knowledge that has been gained over the years, a big responsibility has been put on John Oliver, the owner of HomeWork. The responsibility of bringing the home owner and investor two driving principles that he has worked hard to develop and implement into his company, simply put, honesty and integrity.

The reputation of the contracting industry over the years has been tarnished and in some cases, rightly so. HomeWork is on the road to redeem the standard of the contracting field not single handedly but more so from leading by example. The employees and vendors are very aware of the integrity and high standards of excellence that is demanded from Mr. Oliver. He stands firmly on his principles and believes very much on his mission statement, “honesty, integrity and a sound code of ethics is believed to measure success not only by your abundance, but more so “HOW” it was achieved”. This is the heart and the foundation of his company and he will not compromise this principle.

HomeWork has suJohnOliverrrounded itself with an astounding team of professionals that have the same unwavering commitment as Mr. Oliver. Realtors, banks, brokers, appraisers,  and the list is growing ever more. HomeWork has a standard that these professionals fulfill and will not concede to the good ole’ boy mentality.

The owner has over 18 years of renovating experience, 5 years of appraising and inspecting experience and has completed real estate courses. He is a member of the Business Network International (BNI), a member of Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS) and soon the Chamber of Commerce, MBA and NHBA (applications are submitted).

HomeWork Seattle is determined and focused on bringing back the good will of helping home owners of every status. Being honest and holding true to the standards set is essential to our success and provides our clients the peace of mind needed when called to fix a simple leak or taking on a task the magnitude of a complete remodeling project.

The first time buyer to the major investor have one thing in common, they all can count on having HomeWork.

Fully Bonded and Insured
License # HOMEWCS896QG.