Sunday, 25 of February of 2018

Charlane Testimonial

I am very grateful and thankful to have this opportunity to give John Oliver a highly-earned recommendation that he truly deserves. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with John on our home for just over a year now. He came highly-referred by my loan officer, and to both of them, my daughter and I are truly grateful.

To give you a little history of this past year and the outstanding workmanship and integrity John possesses for his company, that he carries in his professionalism, workmanship and the way he treats his employees, there is no question that he is the best contractor in all areas. He has become a great friend to both my daughter and I that we have had pleasure of knowing and never hesitate to call when an issue arises in our home.

Last August, my daughter and I purchased our first home. Although we used a highly referred inspector, a very knowledgeable licensed Real Estate agent and a remarkable loan officer, it did not prepare us for what we were about to endure in our home that we had set our hearts on to buy.

To quickly sum up this story, we purchased our home unaware that it was infested with carpenter ants, although it cleared inspection. I immediately needed a highly referred contractor to assess the damage before I brought in legal action. John was highly referred by my loan officer.  John called me right back and said not to worry about anything that he would take care of whatever was necessary to get these things resolved immediately. He was very reassuring. John showed up the next day, on time, well-groomed, very professional and friendly. Our safety and concerns were at the top of his list. With his quick assessment of this devastation to us, we were able to resolve this matter quickly.

John reassured us that no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit entailed, he would make sure the work was done by his company, guaranteed, and the safety of us would be his number one priority. He worked long weeks and late nights to get this done as quickly as possible. He showed a very caring and compassionate side for us in a professional manner to help us feel that although this was a devastating situation, we would get through it and look back on it and learn from it.

As of today, although we had a pipe let go in the downstairs ceiling and destroy the brand new floor that John had just laid down at that time. He immediately responded to the call on an early Sunday morning. He took all the appropriate measures to prevent further damage at our home. We can look back and be thankful that not only did we have homeowner insurance, but once again, we had a very dependable, compassionate contractor that has now become a very good friend to my daughter and I.

John stands behind all levels of his company. He takes pride in his workmanship. He is very dependable and has very strong beliefs and work ethics of keeping the safety and complete satisfaction of his customer as his number one priority. He only hires employees that will take a strong stand and instills that strong work ethics as they represent his company on the job.

I am truly a very satisfied client and knows firsthand what makes up a great referral.

In all honesty, there are many contractors out there that will promise you everything you want to hear, but John is the only one that I would refer that stands behind his word 100%.

I know that when you hire on HomeWork for this renovation, you will be a very satisfied client with a higher sense of satisfaction when the job is completed. John provides a very detailed easy to understand estimate with no hidden fees. He researches the best avenue for the client that will be the most cost effective. You are kept well informed throughout the project, whether how small or large it may be.

If there is anything else that is needed for my recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at 206-437-8562.

A very satisfied client.

Charlane Gray.