Sunday, 25 of February of 2018

Kingsberry Testimonial

Stan and I finally got around to watching the CD that you made for us.
It was just such a surprise!!
We loved the music and I especially loved Buble’s “I wanna go home”.
I have felt that way many times when I just have to go to Holland to see my family.
It is one of my favorite songs. (how did you know ?)
It’s amazing how soon we forget the work in progress.
We are very thankful to you and your crew for making our vision a reality.
It turned out way, way better than my vision.

We are definitely planning to have an open house and drink a glass of wine, maybe two!
As soon as Stan is a little more stable on his feet (he had foot surgery) we will let you know.
John, thanks again for your great customer service and your caring heart.

A very satisfied client,

Your friends Annie and Stan Kingsberry..