Sunday, 25 of February of 2018

Brokers / Agents

HomeWork has a unique relationship in the Real Estate industry. We have the insight and the knowledge that gives us the edge above our competitors, which ultimately gives the Agent the upper hand in this competitive market.

We work close with the Agent to help insure their listings are desirable and market ready. From the minor touch ups to the complete overhaul, from inspectors lists to negotiated projects, we are prepared to do what it takes to make our clients listing stand above the rest and move the process along more smoothly. With our transferable labor guarantee, we have the determination and the same commitment as the Agent to help the seller and the buyer feel more comfortable and secure with the already stressful task of purchasing a home.

We provide a pre-sales inspection list to avoid some of those pesky gigs the inspector can and almost always will find. We will head off any delays due to inspections or repairs that could slow down the process of closing the deal.

The trust we have established in this industry is the lifeline of our business. We have worked hard  to demonstrate our commitment to becoming a company the Real Estate industry can depend on.

HomeWork equals Home Sales