Thursday, 18 of January of 2018

Buyer Upgrades

What would be one of the first things a new home owner does after the stress of buying their house is completed? I think it should be a vacation, but it isn’t.  In most cases it’s an upgrade or touch ups. Why is that?

It may be something as simple as new faucets or a new hood range or it may be something a bit more significant such as an out building or finishing a basement or even changing the floor plan completely.

Let’s face it, when we were out shopping for our new home, we could envision different colors on the walls, new cabinets in the kitchen, maybe some new floor covers, etc. etc.  And some homes need to be upgraded just to be safe and comfortable.

We usually are not completely satisfied with the house we buy until it has our own personal touch. This is what makes it our own place and this is how we make it our “home”.

Whatever the scope is, HomeWork can accommodate the new homeowner in achieving that personal touch, that little something that made it your home. Maybe the design of the new home and the location is perfect, exactly what you have looked for, however, the floor plan just will not work. You design the new floor plan, work closely with the contractor gathering ideas that make it all come together. All this effort is with purpose, creating the perfect home.

HomeWork has helped many new owners upgrade their homes, from skylights, to new floors and everything in between. Each one adding their own personal touch and each of them find the satisfaction of making their house a home.

Home buyers have made the difference with HomeWork.