Thursday, 18 of January of 2018



We, at HomeWork, are very pleased and excited to be a part of the ongoing trend of upgrades and remodeling for the property investor as well as the private home owner.

We have a variety of services that are in our influence, such as Title and Escrow, Brokers and Realtors.  Our specialties and experience are in all phases of remodeling, repairs or renovations. With 15 years of experience, we take a very strong stance on the quality of our work at the lowest possible cost to our clients. HomeWork is a proud company with high standards and the commitment to satisfy our customers with an unwavering guarantee. We are determined to  continue to set the pace in quality, customer service and affordability. We understand the difficult process of maintaining an investment with the busy lifestyles, both personal and professional. The Owner, Management and Employees of HomeWork, are anxious to lend a hand and help keep one of today’s most important investments at its highest value.

With the experience and willingness to satisfy, HomeWork can complete that challenge and with our commitment to excellence, we can help keep that investment desirable.

The best renovations and upgrades are those that meet the homeowner’s needs and still fit within the expected norms of the home and neighborhood. A $100,000 kitchen makes little sense in a neighborhood where homes sell for $300,000, for example.

Another sign of a smart renovation is one in which upgrades and new construction blend gracefully with the existing floorplan and architecture. That means smart use of space, with natural flow between the old and the new – no dramatic changes in quality of materials from one part of the house to the next, and no distracting odd angles or architectural variations visible from the outside. A good design/build contractor will listen to your wants and needs, then guide you through the planning process – and will usually surprise you with new options to consider. If you work with a planner that only seems to be “taking orders”, you would be very well advised to consult with a second professional to gain some perspective. The second opinion will either verify the soundness of your ideas or prevent you from making some very expensive – and difficult to correct – mistakes.

Finally, think a bit beyond the current time-horizon and consider how the space will be used in the future. Today’s finished basement with wet bar and game room might be tomorrow’s in-law suite – it’s never too early to consider how money invested today can be paying off for years to come.

We offer a variety of remodeling services including:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • decks
  • porches
  • windows