Thursday, 18 of January of 2018



The process of a rehab or complete renovation is challenging and exciting. We understand how expensive but how crucial it is. It is our priority to maintain the investor’s vision and goals with as little overhead as possible.

With the use of our research team and the diligence to find the best deals around and the experience of our Technicians, the investor/home owner can greatly benefit.

The rehab and renovation of a house is determined on what today’s standard of a quality home is. The upgrades of appliances, cabinetry, etc. as well as the cosmetic needs will affect the value.

Our process first of all is to meet with the owner and discuss the projects that are of interest. Once the list of projects is determined, an estimate with the projects, materials and an estimated cost for completion is submitted to the owner for review.  When all the terms and conditions are agreed on, the project begins with our research team locating all the deals that will help save your bottom line.

The objective for rehabs or renovating is to maintain quality and increase value, and we know how to help.